We help companies reduce spend (their costs for direct and indirect products and services) and help reduce the overall cost of acquisition through the application of proven sourcing and purchasing strategies, best practices, people and technologies.

Our services include procurement from American and foreign sources in strict compliance with clients specifications, packing and repacking if necessary, local inspection, storage and warehousing, shipping and forwarding and export documentation and booking of air or sea shipping space at most cost effective rates and mode of transportation in a timely fashion.


Procurement Services are available to provide advice and guidance to industries,businesses and service sectors in sourcing and contracting. Our aim is to help you obtain best value for money from your budget, to give advice and guidance on the procurement process and how to abide by the Governmet Financial Regulations.

We provide tender and request for quotation documentation that is in line with best practice as well as a number of tools to help you with the project analysis. If you need advice and guidance on the documentation then you should contact the relevant procurement contact.

Procurement Services also provide a comprehensive vendor data base containing contact details of the approved suppliers.

We specialize in hard-to-find items including replacement parts, components and consumables. We have two major divisions: INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES DIVISION and MEDICAL SUPPLIES DIVISION. Former caters essentially to Middle East and the later caters to Caribbean and Latin American countries.

Our Industrial Division specializes in chemicals (for oil exploration, refineries, steel mills and petrochemical plants), equipments, valves, actuators, piping and pipe fittings, electronic items, spare parts, electric supplies, and safety and surveillance items.

Our Medical Supplies Division handles all hospital supplies from gloves to hospital beddings and to endo-tracheal tubes etc., and also durable medical equipment made mostly in USA. We have supplied complete field hospitals to some combat zones.

We take pride in delivering critically urgently needed items on timely basis. For this purpose, we maintain hotlines with our shippers who deliver our packages to air cargo terminals even in the middle of night if necessary to meet client's emergencies within North America and overseas.